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"A horse brings many gifts,
it's up to you to accept them or not."


About the prints

Referencing some Edward Curtis, David Frances Barry, James Earle Fraser, and unknown authors public domain photography.
Art Rice produced some super archival inkjet prints. The original photos are of the utmost importance to American history and
these new versions are a tribute to the originals. Now you can own an Art Rice version of the work. The look of oil paint adds a
unique touch and the colors bring excitement for sure. The prints are offered in 24”x 36” and 12”x 18”. Printed on Archival stock
with an ultrachrome inkset by Epson. Red Power is an updated version of a poster Art Rice did in 1970. Red Power was
included in a worldwide exhibit "Images of an Era" and is now in exhibits throughout the world . It was also included in
Prop Art and other books. Other posters by Art Rice are included in the Library of Congress and in published books.

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